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Jacari Caprice is creating more than a “buzz” up & down the mid-western and southern regions. Striving to become the epitome of hip hop. She loves everything thing about it, the culture, lifestyle, the history of it, and the players. She lives and breathes the artistry and is quickly becoming an artist to “watch” in 2019. Born Rhonda Bailey, she is originally from Gary, Indiana (but resides in Atlanta, GA) Jacari, is moving around amongst local Atlanta artist and moving well beyond rap artist from her hometown! She radiates with strength and an “urban” sexiness and is lyrically potent! She holds no bars for her delivery, which is often blunt, but always crisp. Intrigued by the likes and creativity of Mary J. Blige, Mc Lite, Lil Kim, Aaliyah and Trina, Jacari took an interest in music early on. She discovered her talent in the music at the tender age of 5 years old. Jacari started song writing at the age of the age of 12 and took her first leap in the choir at new covenant Church in Gary, Indiana. Shortly thereafter, she took an interest in getting more deeply entrenched in the music business outside of being an artist. In Indiana she had an active hand co-owning and running a local Label, Dead Bogus Ent, Mastermind Entertainment as well as Beg, Borrow, Steal. After awhile, she realized that she enjoyed the creative side more and laid the business strategies.

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